Watch to see a 5-year old boy with Down syndrome who is also deaf, learning to read using our program!

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How does eReadingPro compare to other reading programs?

eReadingPro was created by one of the co-founders of Out of the Box Reading and follows the same successful process of using a well organized and structured whole-word approach to teaching reading.

What Makes Us So Successful?

eReadingPro is the only whole-word approach reading program that takes your child from reading single words, to couplets, to phrases, to sentences, all in a systematic approach to reading. When we teach your child a word, that same word returns in the schedule paired with another word in a word couplet. Later, we bring that same word back connected to two other learned words together to form three word phrases. By the time your child is ready to see that same word in a sentence, s/he has seen that word over one hundred times. The result of recognizing that same word in a sentence, along with other words that have gone through the same process, makes words very simple for your child to remember and READ! We have had incredible success with this process and have incorporated it into every eReadingPro guide and kit.

Comparison Chart:

Watch to see a 3-year old boy with Down syndrome reading three-word phrases using our program!

Key issues to know about how this program compares to others:

  1. It does not use the Dolch list of words. The vocabulary consists of words that an individual can associate a visual representation of, and includes things within their 'world' (such as food, animals,  household items, etc.)
  2. It does not use 'word families' (such as hat, cat, sat, mat), as these words look too similar and are easily confused.
  3. It encourages use of very large flashcards (4" x 20") printed in red ink, (rather than small cards with black ink) as that makes the flashcards highly visible and attracting to the eye.
  4. Words and pictures are never presented at the same time or on the same card.
  5. Only five to six flashcards are presented at each session.
  6. Flashcards are presented during a very structured and repetitive daily schedule.
  7. Children learn to recognize sight words, word meanings and word context, thus building comprehension and fluency.
  8. The program is highly recommended for parents wishing to teach their children to read at home!
  9. The program is highly recommended for use by educators working with struggling readers.
  10. Only 10-minutes per day is required to implement this program effectively.
  11. Most importantly, eReadingPro offers our system in a variety of formats!
  12. eReadingPro offers parents and teachers support via email and telephone. Responses to your questions are answered quickly!