Frequency IS Everything!

Yes! The reason we use large flashcards is because they are bright, bold, attractive and engaging. In fact, the size we use (and recommend that you use) is 4" high x 20" wide. When you use flashcards this size, the child has no choice but to see the word being presented. If you use a small card, there are too many other options for the child to look at during the learning session.

Flashcard Size - Does it Matter?

Flashcard Size and Frequency

One of the reasons that the eReadingPro system of teaching reading works so well is due to the structured frequency of the words being taught. 

Words are shown three time per day as single words. Then each single word is brought back and paired with other single words to make a variety of different couplets. After couplets, the words are brought back as 3-word phrases, and then finally sentences. By the time the student sees the words within the sentences they have already seen each word over 100 times!

Children with learning differences thrive on routine and repetition! That is why they succeed with eReadingPro. Our system is structured to ensure that frequency and consistency. A full presentation schedule is provided with each program that shows what words to show when, and how often!