Reading and Dyslexia: Dyslexia is a neurologically based reading difficulty that affects approximately one in five children. Unfortunately, dyslexia often goes undiagnosed until children are further on in elementary school.

According to renown author and neuroscientist Dr. Sally Shaywitz, individuals with dyslexia lack the phonemic awareness when reading. In general terms, this means that they struggle with breaking words down into sounds (phonemes). Thus, using the phonetic approach with individuals with dyslexia should not be considered prior to using the whole word approach to reading.

eReadingPro uses a system for teaching reading that introduces words that a child can create a visual representation for in their mind. Words such as names, foods, actions, colors, opposites, belongings, animals and environment that are familiar to a child are easier to remember than the dolch words (words such as 'that' or 'who'. The brain takes a 'snap shot' of each word and stores it as a picture. Words that look different from one another are typically easier to remember versus words that look similar (for example: hat, cat, sat, mat).

Our easy to follow presentation schedule makes it easy for you and your child to succeed! Take a look at what we suggest for reading and dyslexia.

Reading and Dyslexia

No Phonetic Approach