"I wanted to let you know that I started Micah, my 3-yr old with Down syndrome, on the program today. By the SECOND time Micah saw the word Daddy, he said it and signed before I could even get the words out of my mouth!!!! I couldn't believe it! "
~Angie Albonico, SD~

"I am a special education teacher with 30 years of experience teaching young children who are differently-abled. This year I am working with two boys who have Down Syndrome. They are 6 and 8 years old. Both of these amazing children have dedicated mothers who have purchased your program and are teaching their boys to read. I am so impressed with the progress the boys have made in word recognition. In addition to the home practice, their moms send the daily set of word cards to school and we help by flashing cards and playing the phrase game. We have begun adding vocabulary from our school materials to the large card format. I’m looking forward to seeing how their skills transfer as we begin to generate books for them."
~Jane Dorn, Special Education Teacher, MN~

"We got our kit!! WOO HOO! I did up some cards right away. We just did our first word game. This is so exciting - I did the words and when we were done David looked at me and then looked back at the Mommy card, pointed to it and said Mommy and then pointed to me. I think it is exciting! David is 2 1/2 and has Down syndrome. THANKS again form everything!"
~Mona Drolc, SD~

"It has been amazing to see Hudson progress over the last 14 months and it is fun to see him carry it over to reading books. I really feel that he will have so much power and ability as he continues to read. I am grateful that he has shown so much interest in reading and that he caught on so well with this program."
~Tiffany VanOrden, UT~

"My autistic son, Jordan is doing great!   He has a few request words, but is generally non conversational.  Today he was heard to be walking around the house saying 'Pancakes', 'Juice'  to himself.  All this progress and we haven't even completed week one yet.  My husband was in the kitchen and heard this, he was astounded!
We have heard lots of reports that you cannot teach kids with autism to read etc., but I am glad I followed my gut instinct and did my own research, where I came across your product.
Thank you Denise for such a great product and the chance to open up yet another window of communication for my 5 year old son."

~Dawn McIntyre, UK~

"Cameron is loving playing the “Word game”.  He knows at least 5 words when he sees them.  (he has been at this for 3 weeks at the most) Cameron is age 4 years and 3 months. He just says the words before we do when we flash the cards.  EXCITING!! I know he learns visually...his first word was “Disney”.  He saw it printed at my optometry office on the frame board and he pointed and said “Disney” plain as day...I was speechless, amazed...jumping for joy. Thanks for your help in getting the reading going in our house.  You have provided amazing, understandable tools to do this.  My husband is excited as well...he is one of the analytical types but sees the amazing progress just after 2 weeks!"

~Cheri Vincent Riemer, MO~

"My son is 4 and has Autism. I've tried to get assistance for him from at least 30 different sources, but YOUR PROGRAM has given us the fastest and the BEST results! He is doing awesome after only a couple of weeks on your program!"
~Adrianna Garafolo, ON~

"Hudson is learning to read! We are almost 4 months into the 14 month program. He is doing so good and is now reading 3 word phrases. He never ceases to amaze us. :)"
and 6 months later...
"Hudson is now on day 313 of the program (yay!) and he is still going strong! He is very stubborn :), but we have tried to be very consistent and make it fun! We are now involving his little sister (21 months old) and he thinks that is great!"

~Tiffany VanOrden, UT~

"Hi Denise, I met you in Boston (NDSC Convention) and purchased my kit from you there and also met you again at your seminar in Orlando (Florida Down Syndrome Conference). Anyway, my daughter Callie is doing very well with her reading. She is speaking well now too and I think that is mostly from your reading program. Thanks so much!"

~Cheryl Anderson, FL~

"My son is 12 years old. We have tried other programs but found that he was just memorizing words and  not comprehending those words. We also tried  teaching him the Dolch list of words but were not successful with that either. We are now on Day 42 of your program and seeing great results! They are using it at school too - they do two sets and I do one each day. This program is highly successful for children with Down syndrome and it is proven!"
~Leanne Kirk, President, Halton Down Syndrome Association~

"The student I’ve been working with is 10 years old (Grade 4) and mostly non-verbal. We’ve tried a multitude of other programs, but after just a couple of days using eReadingPro we saw progress in leaps and bounds!”
~Janet Walker, K-4 Resource Teacher, Winnipeg, MB~

"I found out about it (eReadingPro) when I went to a playdate with a child who has Down's Syndrome and will be in Joey's K class.  Her mom has been using it since she was 6 mos. old.   Her typical 21mos. old son was reading when his big sis was playing the word game.  I was floored! I wish I had known about this for Joey years ago!"

~Audrey, MA~

"Thank you so much for sharing your amazing reading program with us! I'm excited to get started with my own son!"
~Nancy Bernataitis, President, Dayton Autism Society~

"I am really amazed at how fast and easy Karson is retaining this information.  I try to make it fun and exciting for him.  I call it our "word game."  So far he has remembered all of the words.  It is truly amazing how it works, but it works!
~ Mary Beth Wheeler, Leachville, AR~

“Your word game is a lot of fun! I love it"
~ Gareth (8 years old) , Peterborough, ON~

“Prior to using your program my son had been struggling with learning to read. His self-confidence was low and he was being teased at school because he couldn't read. Now he is learning words at such a quick rate and having tons of fun with reading the flashcards! Your program has really turned things around for us and we are very grateful!"
~Mandy, NC~

Out of the Box Reading Testimonials:

"(Last night) we heard a testimonial of an 11th grade Autistic boy (we provided the kit) who's mother has worked with him for 2 months. He can now say the few words presented, is more "focused and attentive" at school and home and his teacher would like to incorporate the program into his Individual Education Plan at school!
~Rachel Rayl, Conway Civitan Club, AR~

"Hello out there! I purchased the Out of the Box Reading Program in Nov '06 when my daughter was 5. It took me 8 months to get around to writing out the cards and getting them ready for her. Since the first day it has been a complete success!! Sarah delights in her "words" and loves to read them. I must admit I have not been as diligent as I should be with days, sometimes weeks, slipping past without Mom adding new words, but the program is phenomenal. Sarah can, and does learn new words every day, when Mom is on the ball. I have made some personal adjustments, obviously, but I would recommend the program to any parents thinking about buying it. I had a bristle board laminated carrying case made (I work as an educational assistant so had it done at the teacher's resource centre) and allow Sarah to carry the case around with her. She loves to take the cards out and read them herself. The creators tell you not to do this, but I don't see any harm in it. Sarah attends SK full time this year and has taken her "words" to school for sharing. Her classmates and teacher delighted in her success! She is reading 40 words and can now string three words together to read sentences. She is especially proud of this accomplishment. The reading has transferred into recognizing words in books. I can point to words in her Arthur books, or other books but Arthur is her current favourite, and she will read them. The next time we read that particular book she will then read the words on her own. What a joy!! So.......it is worth every penny, but give yourself lots of time to prepare the cards as it is very time consuming. Also, go with the flow - allow some adjustments and let your child lead the way. My son, who is 16, has been part of the process all along and soon we will get to words that he can add to his reading lists. We are about to embark on "concepts" and he has always had difficulty with them, so am hoping the cards and matching pictures will help him to understand."Life Changing!"
~ Anonymous User of Out of the Box Reading, Canadian Down Syndrome Society's Online Community at http://forum.cdssvoices.ca/forums/t/1537.aspx ~

"Life Changing!"
~ Larry Worth, Denver CO~

“I say all this because having attended your seminar has suddenly put the puzzle pieces together for me… Aside from the obvious: kids learn to read quick, they become very competent readers, and start earlier on with their love for reading; more important I find that your program might give children the ability to train their brains to ‘photograph’ impressions of information into their brain quicker and with more accuracy… I cannot tell you how; with this slight change I have already seen a huge difference in reading proficiency in my classroom. I have also noticed that children are gravitating more to Science, Geography and other lessons that required labelling or jobs that include reading. They are now much more confident at attempting to decode only the second half of words because they are recognizing portions of words and then decoding the rest.
I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your research and the information Denise & Karen shared in their seminar. Thank you again for the inspiration and the help in decoding my ‘missing link’, wishing you and your partner all the success in the world!"

~ Vanessa, Montessori Teacher ~

“Learning to read has been a key to our daughters’ success in school, and we believe it will be a key to her successful future. Reading is not just academic; it is communication, leisure, learning & fun."
~ Annonymous~

“I believe any child can learn to read, if taught in a structured, visual and organized way that is fun."
~ LuWenn Jones, Cedar City, UT~

“I have been doing the reading program with both of my daughters and they are so enjoying it. My 5 year old yells out the words before I even read them and then I re-read them for my other daughter who is almost 4-year old with Down syndrome. She now repeats what I say (without any prompting on my part) and both ask for the 'word game' "
~ Kim Roosevelt, New York City, associated with the National Down Syndrome Society ~

"I am a great fan of this program! My daughter is 10 years old, and was not reading until she began your program about 7 months ago. She started with NO verbalization of written words and would turn her head away to avoid reading and making an error. Tessa now reads over 100 words aloud, and 8+ word sentences with confidence. She loves it, and I am over the moon with joy! This has saved our lives - thank you!"
~Elizabeth Elizondo, Ottawa, Ontario~

"Within a week of starting 7 year old Cody on this program I knew I had finally discovered the key to helping Cody read. At the time I started the program he recognized a few letters and his name. Within 2 weeks, he knew all the names and words he was first given. He could identify the people and food from his cue cards by pointing to them. We also noticed an increase in his attempts to verbalize and are very hopeful that this program will increase his ability to speak.. Cody asks for his cue cards if I forget. We always try to make it fun for him and he loves the high five and hug at the end."
~Selene Taylor, Sarnia, ON, Canada~

"We are on day 20 and still having fun. Annika's vocabulary is growing with the program. She tells me each time I added a new word and what the word is!"
~Mark Olsen, Phoenix, AZ, USA (Annika is 3 years old)~

"I am really excited about this program and what it will help us achieve for our future.
Thank you again so much for developing this program, it will change the lives of so many families!"

~Lisa Ouelette, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada~

Denise presented a clear and understandable reading program that has its origins in solid research and, as they say, an unshakable belief that all children are born with infinite potential. Rarely do we attend a reading workshop that is as relevant to parents as it is to educators. Their message is hopeful, their presentation is top-notch, and their program is important for parents and teachers of children with Down Syndrome alike. As a school psychologist with 15 years of experience and a reading specialist with 10 years experience, along with having over three years experience being parents to a wonderful daughter with Down syndrome, this reading program is exactly what we hoped for."
~Kelly and Krista Carey, Chairpersons, Parents of Down Syndrome of Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA~

I am so looking forward to starting this with my three girls ages 6, 4 and 10 mos.!"
~Lisa Wright, Sudbury, ON, Canada~

~Bruce Bourget, Sudbury, ON, Canada~

"Personal knowledge and stories made this (workshop) worthwhile! Thank you for thinking of our association! Can you get this to school boards somehow? Think about it!"
~Lauri Christison, Sudbury, ON, Canada~


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